dinsdag 3 juni 2014

MyRobolectricTestApp on Github

I just uploaded the source code of the MyRobolectric Test App on Github. This example contains

  • An example proguard file which aims at optimisation and obfuscation of your code.
  • An example on the extremely handy Butterknife framework.
  • An example on the refreshing Crouton framework.
  • Some basis examples on getting you started with Robolectric and Gradle.
I'll try to update the repository as much as possible, with new examples or updated settings when Android Studio and Gradle are updated.

Please note that this code is put at your disposal "as-is", and comes with no warranty or guarantee what-so-ever. You may use it at your discretion, but know that its purpose is purely illustrative.

The GitHub repository is located here: https://github.com/kvandermast/my-robolectric-app.


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